Owner of Fit Nut Training

July 1 we rolled out our 360 Accountability (retention) program and have to say it’s been a game changer for our existing members and our trainers.

1st- our compliance rate on client monthly measurements in July was the highest we’ve seen it in months! We received 95% compliance (5% on vacay during measurement week).

2nd- 100% engagement with their newly assigned dedicated coach. WHICH means our 360 program has added even greater value to their membership and has tightened up the relationship and filled gaps we know existed due to 1 person managing them all.

3rd- the response from our trainers. They feel so much more connected with the clients and the studio processes and appreciate what paul and I have been doing for so long is priceless!!!

What we did and what is our 360 program:

We implemented myfitmembers. What this app did was replace fitclients, Facebook food posting, etc for us. This app allows our client to post photos of their food, do before and after, track measurements of body fat, weight and measurements with graphs of your measurements as well as a fitness assessment. Most valued by clients is the numerous amount of valuable lessons and nutrition resources and meal plans. It then allows our trainers to see everything in one spot. No more going to 3 different sources to input or review the data.

The most exciting feature is that our coaches and their clients can text eachother within the app. We don’t give our trainers access to Skipio so this was an awesome solution.

Approx 20-30 clients are assigned to one coach and our coaches are now responsible for being their accountability coach and responsible for getting their team measured monthly and coaching them up, supporting them and cheering them on in and out of the studio.

I can’t say enough of how our program has changed the connection with our members and our trainers. Including all our trainers in this was the smartest thing we did because they have been so much more vested in our mission and vision

It was a great time to roll it out for us and grab the attention of our existing members and show them love as we focus heavily on getting new clients and opening our new location.

If you are looking for a one stop shop retention program check out myfitmembers. We found them at FAI, did a 30 day trial and we love it!


Arlene Arellano