We have owned over 20 successful gyms in the last 12 years and worked with over 50 owners with Nutrition, Supplementation and Business coaching. In 2012 we decided we wanted to be more than just gyms that offer food lists and menu plans. We knew if we could just get the education into our clients’ heads that they would make better choices and start changing their lives and their family’s lives. After searching the market there was really nothing out there for club owners to educate their clients. So that’s when my wife and I started building an education program. We knew that we had to build something that we could teach all of our members at once.

We wanted it to be simple and easy to understand, so we stayed away from the calorie counting and macros that confuse most people and stuck with low glycemic impact eating instead.  This allowed us to keep it simple by teaching our clients about eating real, whole foods and how combining protein and fiber positively impacts blood sugar. They learned that the real key to weight loss is keeping your blood sugar in the fat burning zone. It took us over a year to complete the online education site. The site would take a client through weekly lessons and teach them the basic of nutrition to help change their life. Like the difference between good carb/bad carb, how to combine certain foods, behavior modification, how to handle the nay Sayers, how to eat out, why its import to eat foods that keep blood sugar in the fat burning zone and much more. It worked. More lives were changing in our gyms than ever before. We have hundreds of testimonials and life changing stories. From there we felt a pull from the power above to share this with other gyms so they would have the tools to help their clients.

BUT WAIT!! There was a problem.

After looking we found that about 30% of the clients that dug in to our site and learned were getting amazing results for not only for them but for their families. The 70% that just took the food list and menu plans got short term gains that didn’t last. We did not like those odds. So we went back to work. It was clear we needed to add accountability. We stood back and looked at our society and realized that everything in our nation is based on learning, test and certificates. From school, driver’s license, career advancements, personal trainer certifications and more. To reap the rewards of basic education, driving, advanced education, landing a job, becoming a personal trainer, real state, driving a boat and the list goes on. Why does nutrition education have to be a choice for your clients? Think about it… Clients come to you to lose weight and get healthier and yes you have an amazing exercise program (I hope!) but we all know nutrition is 80%. If you are educated in nutrition (if you are not then we can help with that to) you know if you could just teach them everything you know then they would get lasting results. The problem is 1. Time: It would take you hours to teach what you know to all your clients almost impossible. 2. Accountability even if you had a site how do you know if they even looked at it.

We have fixed the problem.

My Fit Members is an educational based software that will teach your clients in club or online everything they need to know about nutrition that will help change their life with bullet proof accountably. Set up like any online education course with modules and test at the end of each modules that must be completed before moving to the next module. The cool thing is that you will be able to see where all of your clients are in their studies and be able to nudge them along the way. They will even get a certificate of completion when they finish and you know how people love achievements and awards. Wait! We are not stopping there. We also wanted it to include systems and tools to help increase results, increase profits, save time and provide accountability for both clients and trainers.
We are blessed to offer a program to you that bridges the gap between technology and human accountability. This will ensure your clients get long lasting results.
If you feed the mind the body will follow.

Our Mission is to Impact 10,000 lives by 2019.

Amy and Jerry Martin
Co-creators of My Fit Members